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Personal Trainer - Luke Cole
"Hey guys...if you are finding it hard to get that extra bit of motivation, need help with your training programme or nutrition, or are serious about making a real change to your lifestyle, get in touch with me today...I would love to help you!" 

Most of us know what we need to do to get the results we want, but find it hard to motivate ourselves to make these changes. Fad Diets and intensive short duration training programmes are all great for a while, until they become impossible to maintain, due to low calorie levels, not getting enough of the key macronutrients, or overloading your training to exhaustion. 

I'm not saying that there isn't a place for this type of Dieting and Training. If you want to get in shape for an event like a wedding, holiday or party then of course it's only natural to want to look your best; but if you are serious about your health and fitness levels in the long term, the question you need to ask yourself is "how can I implement my training and nutrition to fit in with my every day lifestyle?"

This doesn't mean that your lifestyle won't change, just that it doesn't have to change all at once. Small changes to your training and nutrition are the key to those changes becoming 
maintainable, routine and habit. This then becomes your new normal and more smaller changes can be made.

If you are an all or nothing type of person and can do it all in one go, then good on you! But be aware that the initial buzz does wear off causing many people to revert right back as their progression was too quick to maintain. There are many obstacles to overcome. The most common, of course, is

Fitting in your training and food prep on top of a busy 
job, social life, family etc can be hard. But if it's important to you then, it is as important as all these things. I would say the biggest thing to inherit when making any lifestyle changes is to BE ORGANISED, never lose sight of your eventual goal/s and be consistent and repetitive with diet & training. Make it part of a new lifestyle that works for you. Remember everyone is different; the only person you are in competition with is YOURSELF!

How it works?
Book in for your 30 minute consultation - We will discuss the best package and training options specifically to match your own personal requirements and goals. We will talk about how we can implement the new training regime and nutrition ideas into your lifestyle. 
Make a date - Book in for your first session where a full health screen will take place, giving us a great starting platform to from which you can achieve results!
Full support via phone / email / social media - To ensure you stay 'in it to win it', never hesitate to contact me for advice, motivation or even just a catch up to let me know how well your doing! 
Monthly check-ins - Once a month we will check in to monitor your progression. This is a great way to stay motivated as you are only as good as your last month!