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Chris Bradford Testimonial

Posted by info on October 6, 2016 at 12:30 AM

Its hard to quantify exactly what it is that Luke has helped me with over the last couple of years.

Having started from such a low point to where I am now, the stages of progress have been gradual, but consistent. It isn’t until I look at the before and after progress pictures that I really grasp the scale of my achievement.

I remember from the first time I met Luke he made me feel comfortable, and assured me that whatever I wanted to do was possible, but that I was going to have to change my lifestyle. It sounded like a big effort at first, but he helped break it down in small steps – each of these adding to the grand idea that I’d end up bigger, stronger, better looking and more confident in myself. The first few weeks were tough but he insisted that I was improving and after a couple of months I could already see a big change from where I had started. Even at times where I didn’t believe I would be lifting anywhere close to the weight I am lifting today, he told me that I would be.

Now, two years down the line, I am heavier, I am leaner, I can lift three times as much as weight as when I started and my posture has improved. I have gained more confidence and I have a healthier diet. I am more outgoing, I have started participating in sports more regularly and I have more energy on a day to day basis.

Most importantly though, Luke introduced me to a better lifestyle, through him I’ve had great fun in the gym – and now spend at least 5 days a week working out, I’ve completed Rock Solid races, I’ve been to expos and met interesting people.

He always strives to make every workout new, interesting, fun and challenging. He’s sorted my diet out – not by restricting what I can eat, but by showing me what I can eat more of. I’ve consistently had a laugh with him for two years and enjoyed every minute of it (apart from walking lunges... walking lunges will be the death of me!!)

So, whilst it is easy to see that I’ve improved myself and my lifestyle over the last two years, it is hard for me to understand just how much has changed, because it has been such a drastic change.


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